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Welcome to Nestlé Business Services Lisbon!

Our center, established in 2017, is a dynamic hub with 600+ professionals from 30+ countries, fluent in 12 languages, with English as our primary one. NBS Lisbon is an essential part of the Integrated Business Services Group (IBS), and one of the 8 services centers worldwide, providing trusted digital business solutions to Nestlé corporate functions, zones, and markets.

As a member of the IBS network, we are deeply committed to the behaviors: Reliable, Customer-First, Innovative, Digitally Agile and Knowledgeable.

These behaviors guide us to be the partner of choice for services that leverage our insights and scale to support business agility and digital innovation success. We provide services such as digital marketing, consumer engagement, trade assets, and finance, and we continue to expand our portfolio.

Colaboradores da Nestlé Business Services Lisbon no jardim da sede

NBS Lisbon mission is to provide value-added commercial activities to connect with customers and consumers around the world, fostering a closer relationship with our brands. At our digital knowledge hub, diversity and inclusion play a key role since it is through them that we achieve the best results.

At NBS Lisbon we grow by nurturing:


Hear from our Proud Crowd:

Here in NBS Lisbon we can see a huge sense to talent recognition, showcasing how the company values and nurtures the incredible skills and abilities within its workforce. Recognizing and harnessing talent is not only a testament to the company's dedication to individual growth, but also a vital ingredient for its overall success.

NBS is deeply committed to fostering diversity and inclusion, actively engaging in the recruitment and integration of individuals with diverse nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, as well as varying physical and mental abilities. Our teams play an essential role in championing these efforts, allowing us to take a central and meaningful role in advancing these crucial initiatives.

NBS is a pillar in the Group for Digital Transformation, idealizing, developing, and piloting innumerous digital agile solutions that are launched both at Market and Global level. We are very actively contributing to process optimization and time and cost efficiency, across multiple streams and business areas, which is why NBS has being recognized as the forefront of Digital Innovation.